Company Overview

CLARK LAING inc. is a specialised legal practice. It operates predominantly in the fields of Public law, commercial law, labour law, estates, and conveyancing.

The firm consists of professionals who have developed skills that are essential to the public, private, and commercial sectors, and the property market. This enables the firm to provide clients with a focused approach to unique challenges.

CLARK LAING inc. has strong Eastern Cape roots. The firm’s professionals have considerable experience in assisting municipalities and other public entities in the region to interpret and apply the legislation and case law that shape public administration in South Africa. A close working relationship with all spheres of government ensures that the firm is able to play a role in the development of a young democracy.

As part of the regional community, CLARK LAING inc. is aware of the strong demand for interconnections between law and business, no matter where in the Eastern Cape or where in South Africa.

A niche-based approach allows CLARK LAING inc. to understand clients’ needs clearly. It ensures that the firm’s professionals can identify smart solutions, and deliver them speedily- and accurately.

CLARK LAING inc. provides smart answers to difficult problems.

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